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February 01, 2008


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Roger Jardine Thomas


This weeks is more directly related to you. Re the coal mine closure.

tackling poverty in Wales, Communities first, Welsh assembly
Gary Foreman Penywaun Partnership etc.

Newstart 1st Feb vol 10 No 419

might be they wanted a focus on Scotland from me now covering Wales this issue.


I'll ask the library to dig it out. It sounds very promising.


Your "childhood" link is broken it should read:


Roger Jardine Thomas

RE What A team


I wrote something that might be of interest a few weeks ago, as it links with the above.

It's in Newstart magazine, 18th January,Vol 10, No 417, page 23 The Lion Rampant.

The editor asked me if I could do an assessment of the Scottish Government's economic policy. The mag has a readership of around 30,000 UK eonomic development professionals. If you haven't read the article the Chief Executive and Econ Dev dept of your LA will have.

I think the editor got what he asked for, but not what he expected. It's just a 900 word introduction to Celtic economics, but even before it was published he wanted a follow up. (just starting it now, Led Zep to flooding)

It is an assessment of Scottish policy, but it is quite easy to replace Celtic Lion with Red Dragon.

In view of what you have written here, it is quite close. So might be of interest to you, FoE and GLC. So much I could recommend your wife, niece, cousin or great Aunt to pop into the HoC library to get you a copy.

It was published on the Friday and the stock market crashed on the Monday. I believe some of the experts Paxman had on Newsnight might have read it.

Congratulations on the Rugby!

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