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February 21, 2008


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This is nonsense, valleylad.

The reason your council tax has increased beyond inflation is because of 'gearing'. Most of the tax is paid out of the national coffers. increasingly the burden is being transfered to councils. Wales has lower council taxes than England. Newport has one of the lowest in Wales and has been commended for its efficiency.

Pensioners income has gone up under Labour and was reduced in 17 years of the 18 years the Tories ruled. Under them there was no £200 winter fuel allowance, Pension Credit or free TV licences for the 75 year old. Not perfect - but a lot better.

See my speech on Thursday on the Hansard. The link should have been restored and we should not have to wait until 2012.


The record of this govt on pensions is a good one? Why do we need the MIG? Why hasn't the link to earnings be restored yet?

Why has council tax increased so dramatically (mine for example 182% since 2002) inflation?
incompetent council (obviously - this is Wales) or to keep income tax down?

The fairest taxes are regressive income taxes. This govt wants to keep these low to pacify daily wail readers. In order to fund projects they've needed to increase income and have done so in underhand ways. How about a 100K plus band? how about a meaningful difference between standard and higher rate income tax? When it comes to income tax the record of this govt is cowardly.


Can't have that Valleylad. The record of the Labour Government on benefits and pensions is a very good one.
You might think it curious that I am the only MP complaining about the excessive surpluses in the N.I. fund. The debate is on line and no opposition MP made points of much substance.

I will blog some more soon on the swift moves from Ministers and Civil servants to consultants. The Sunday Times are talking taking up the story this week.


Two comments:

TAX/N.I. We've got a govt that has been consistently dishonest about taxation and made it more regressive by allowing council tax to inflate massively, increasing N.I. and fiddling in any way other than the fairest. The difference between higher rate and standard tax rates factoring in N.I is what, about 6% - it's obscene.

Ministers & Jobs: Simple solution take their govt. service out of their CV and review what they have to offer the company. Does anyone think blunkett's value to a genetic testing firm was anything other than as a former home secretary ( or customer :) )?

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