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January 05, 2008


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johnny foreigner

Fair response Paul.

To clarify, might one assume that the proposed legislation will include homophobic Islamic doctrine within its purview.

If so, that may prove to be quite interesting as this doctrine cannot be ignored.

Your pal.


Paul Flynn

Thanks Will. In my ignorance, I do not know what a 'feed reader' is. I will find out now.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Johnny.
Entirely fair remark - but it will not be the 'end' of anything. All sorts of people say nasty things about other sorts of peoples. That's human nature's diversity for good and ill. The law will not stop it.

johnny foreigner

So, presumably, that's and end to the Koran with its blood-curdling instructions to its adherents to follow much the same ideology as these rappers.

Hardly a cigarette paper between them except, perhaps, in their choice of words.

The sentiments, however, are identical.

Ypur pal.


Will Parbury

Hi Paul Just added your blog to my new feed reader. Keep up the good work.

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