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January 17, 2008


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Looking forward to reading the book in full. Thanks for the link.

Andy Williams

Hi Paul
Flat Earth News does indeed look like being a rollicking read.
I was involved with the research at Cardiff that Nick uses in parts of his book.
If you or anyone else wants to look at this any more closely a report's available for download from the website. There's a link in this press release:


Thanks Andy.

There is a great deal in what you say. I would very strongly have agreed when I was a union secretary for about 25 years for medium paid workers. I would still argue the same for the low and medium paid.

But as a well-paid MP we can afford to wait for an increase in the name of the higher priority of keeping inflation down to manageable levels.

I wish the Government would be brave and curtail the massive city bonuses with swinging taxes. Although only a small number of people are involved they are demoralising, unfair and inflationary,


Thanks John. That's a great example. I will dig out the press release from Drugscope and try to give it wider publicity.

You are right, the papers make up the figures and ignore corrections. The hysteria on cannabis whip up unwarranted fears. Useless escalations of prohibition are excuses for not thinking.

Reclassification of cannabis was followed by reduced use.
How will reversing that help? But it will happen and all parties will bray their approval.


This is great news re the flat earth news.Our media constantly tells lies and spreads ignorance and fear among the population.There was a recent article in the Telegraph whose headline was Abuse of cannabis puts 500 a week in hospital available here

I noticed a response by drugscope to this article that the Daily Telegraph has not published (surprise) that shows the true figure to be around 14.In fact there has been a 20% fall in hospital admissions due to cannabis related problems in the past year.

This shows that cannabis use is falling even though supposedly wrong signals were sent out by its downgrading.If thats the case then we amy see an increase in its use when GB moves it back to "B" wouldn't that be a shot in the prohibtitionists eye.
Here is the link to the drugscope article well worth a read

What really outrages me about this is that we are being lied and manipulated by our press.Mostly wipping the population up into some sort of moral hysteria this sort of thing is how we ended up burning wirtches in the middle ages its obscene in this day and age to have a media that rarely tells the truth on anything

DM Andy

Paul, you should take the pay rise. You're working people and no group of worker should ever be forced to accept a below-inflation payrise. If you feel it's too much, you can always donate the excess money to charity.

But in the same way, MPs should make sure that the government give that to all public sector workers, no staging of the NHS or police pay award (I know the NHS deal wasn't staged in Wales, but you're an MP and so have responsibility for the English NHS) and please get Equal Pay in local government sorted out.

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