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January 03, 2008


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Chris Gale

Evan Price (Tory)

Chris Gale

The only thing 'puerile' is the nonsense the so called Countryside Alliance spins to its media buddies each day.


If you are correct, the law is at fault if it insists on restaints for childen in cars but does not insist that those on a quad bike or a trailer should be restained. The video clearly illustrates the risks.
It would nice to think the courts and police would be even handed in imposing the law on hunters such as Soames and hunt monitors who are frequently attacked with impunity. The comparsion with my 'duck feeders' is a striking example.

Evan Price

Nicholas Soames has been an idiot ... but if my memory servces me correctly, the law does not require him or passengers to be strapped in or to wear helmets. The laws that he could be investigated for appear to be using an unmodified quad (without registration, lights, indicators etc) and driving on a public road without insurance etc. In addition, he should have been driving the vehicle in a manner to ensure the safety of passengers and there could be a charge relating to that. At worst, he would lose his licence and be liable to a fine. He will 'earn' credit for pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity.

To say that the courts 'must be merciless' is puerile.

Chris Gale

Soames should get some one liners directed at him from Dennis Skinner in the next session of Parliament.....:)

Paul Flynn

Would not disagree with a word of what you say. But our conspiracy of greed is less developed. The Insurance companies have a minor part here - in spite of efforts by the right wing think tanks such as Civitas.
The Pharmas and their lobbyists' influence is powerful and malign. This book is the nightmare warning of the NHS to come if the free market fanatics get their way here. It's real eye-opener that more healthcare often means worse health care.
many past posting have attacked the influence of the Pharmas here and the ways they distort healthcare for their own profits.

johnny foreigner

Unfortunately Paul, what you describe as the "conspiracy of greed" is already part of your government's policy.

Your government is hand in glove with the American medical insurance company, UNUM, and has introduced UNUM's methods of claims denial into the DWP. UNUM are also in the 'loop' regarding the proposed Pathways to Work Scheme .

UNUM were described as "An outlaw company which has operated in a illegal fashion for years", by John Garamendi, Lieutenant Governor of the State of California. At the time of the quote, Mr. Garamendi was Insurance Commissioner for California. His credibility is beyond question.

Further info. available on my blog.


Here's a simple question for you, if I may be so bold:

Please provide your observations on British Governmental association with a company that has been described as an "outlaw company".

If you are unable to, or would prefer not to answer, please don't worry as I have asked a number of Government Ministers the same question, and, as yet, not one has been able to provide an answer.

My attempts to get an answer to this question also failed. Local MPs and AMs avoid the question like the plague. Are you any different? I do hope so.

Your pal.


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