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January 28, 2008


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Thanks Jolly Roger. Sorry to hear this very sad story. I wish I could have offered some practical help at the time. As I mentioned in the text, the response I had yesterday surprised me. The well founded cynicism on the harm of drugs is more widespread than I thought.

there is always the danger of being mis-judged for opposing all drugs, which would be far from sensible. there have many great advances in the science. The problems are inthe over-marketing.

Jolly Roger

Hello Paul, it's me again,
I sorry to be a persistent pain,
But it seems you've struck another nerve.
With your comment made with measured verve.

The drugs prescribed in increasing doses,
Seem to have attracted Political neuroses.
The reason that they're keen to prescribe,
Is because of what I'll now describe.

Drugs are a cheapo way to treat Conditions that Doctors often meet.
Where therapy of a personal nature,
Is denied on the grounds of expendiature,
Of funds that are in short supply.
I know full well. I'll tell you why.

My dear late Wife, God bless her socks.
Was assailed by many mental rocks.
The doctors filled her up with shite.
Which neither helped by day or night.
She suffered long from mental trouble,
And called on God to burst the bubble.

The therapy she clearly needed,
Was refused in Wales although we pleaded,
With Jane Hutt to no avail,
She preferred to draw the veil.
Ignoring our pleas and heartfelt cries.
She just continued to peddle her lies.

The therapy available on England's shore,
Was denied to my wife for evermore.
Strictly on the grounds of cost.
Then we knew that all was lost.

Some time after, so sad to say,
My tormented wife just passed away.
Her lovely name I don't besmirch
By saying, my pretty bird fell of the perch.
She's dead, she's gone, kicked the bucket too.
I really didn't know what to do.

God had bestowed His final gift.
He ensured that her end was generously swift.
He ended her suffering in a trice,
And we said, thanks God. Nice.

I feel bereft and all that stuff.
Suffice to say I'll have to stay tough.
I hand it over to such as you,
To do whatever you can do,
To bring and end to these fiscal restraints,
On treatment for these dreadful complaints.

Welsh Assembly, Westminster too.
I just hope that this never happens to you.
It's been hard enough to tell this tale,
And hopefully it will be of avail,
In pricking a political conscience or three,
And reminding you of how it's left me.

Yes, I've been offered all the pills.
The panacaea for society's ills.
I told the doctor, you can stuff it.
I'll simply have to learn to tough it.
I saw what they did to my Old Dear.
No thanks, not for me, no fear.

Thank you Paul, for reading this rant,
And hope that you find it significant.
Telling the tale has been therapeutic.
I hope that it also becomes propaedeutic.

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