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January 16, 2008


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Hen Ferchetan

It's Peter Hain's duty to declare his donations, it's not the duty of any of his staff. He had to sign each and every form, did it not even cross his mind once that it was a bit unusual that he was aising money to pay of the ebts after the campaign, buit did not get a single form to fill in?

Anyway, the incompetence can't be spread around to whatever unerling that can be blamed. Hain's duty, Hain's incompetence (if Brown wasn't refering to Hain being incompetent, why did he follow it by saying Hain had apologised for it? You dont apologise for other's incompetency!

I'm sure ASW pensioners would agree wit you Paul, the one piece of very good work Peter Hain has managed in how many years of the job?


"It was an incompetence that he has readily admitted to"

Err yes Hen Ferchetan, the PM was talking about Peter Hain's comments about some some members campaign team. Not.repeat NOT about PH personally.


Chris Gale answered this point. There certaianly was 'incompetence' for which Hain has ultimate responsibility but which wasthe result of the failking of others.
Yes, I think is by far the best choice at the moment as Secretray of State for Wales. ASW pensioners will agree.

Hen Ferchetan

Oh and I forgot to ask again (thirs time is it now?) whether you think I, and other welsh people such as your constituents, should be happy with the fact that the man who has so much power over our interests is described as incompetent even by his own boss?

Hen Ferchetan

Chris Gale, Brown did not call Hain's staff incompetent, he called Hain incompetent:

"It was an incompetence that he has readily admitted to"

And Paul, I wholeheartedly agree that the press write for entertainment first, information second. But you as a politician also write for information second, putting your own interests first (thats not a criticism by the way!).

While I'd agree that there was no bloodbath, Commons questions simply cannot be a bloodbath due to only one question being allowed on each subject, your report of massive support for Hain and some snide attacks from Tories goes way, WAY too much the other way. Hain looked uncomfortable and short of support, especially from cabinet colegues.


Hansard and the video of events fully confirms my version of what happened. I was in the Chamber from 11.30 to 3.00. I suspect the journalists wrote this crap beforehand and just added a few names after 30 mins in the Chamber.

The press act as a pack in hunting mode, they create their own fiction. The sketch writers confirm on the theme of the day. Nothing is ever grey, it must be gloomy black or vivid white. On Wednesday the theme was the humiliation of Hain. It did not happen. He did exceptionally well in the debate. PMQs was even. there was loud cheering for him at Welsh Questions. Even though the promised bloodbath did not happen, the press continue on their theme.

One small example. Rhun on Dragon's Eye said that I had described the dumping of the pensions debate to have a four hour attack on Peter Hain's character as part of a 'mean, vindictive campaign'. Hansard records that I did not say 'campaign' but the stronger 'witchhunt.'
Not a great deal of difference but one of hundreds of examples that reporting of parliament is written for entertainment not accuracy.

Chris Gale

Peter Hain was NOT called incompetent by the PM, he was talking about his campaign staff at the time.
If you are going to post then please get your facts straight!

Hen Ferchetan

I must say your description of Welsh Questions seem a long way from everyone elses.

"cheering doesn't exactly raise the roof." (Guardian)

"By the end, the colour had drained from Agent Orange so much that he looked a much paler shadow of himself and will have to face the slings and arrows from now on dubbed as Agent Parsnip." (Guardian)

"instead of taking his punishment like a man, the Welsh Secretary could be seen clinging to office in the most shameful way" (Independent)

"Peter Hain cut a lonely figure in the Commons yesterday as Labour ministers and MPs proved reluctant to back him." (Telegraph)

"At times during the debate, the Labour benches were almost empty, despite Government attempts to rally support for Mr Hain.
Before and during the debate, Labour whips could be seen touring Commons tearooms and restaurants trying to persuade backbench MPs to attend the debate and speak up for Mr Hain.
Privately, Labour sources admitted that finding backers for Mr Hain was "an uphill struggle"." (Telegraph)

And of course, all the papers pointed out the lack of cabinet support for him, with ministers waiting by the door not wanting to be the first to sit by Peter!

Don't worry though, you get two seperate mentions for your undying support for Peter

The Guardian thought your suggestion that Hain would be around for the Ryder Cup was "a bit optimistic by anyone's standards" while the Telegraph identitified you as "one of the few MPs who defended Mr Hain"

I note that you didn't answer my previous question though. Should I, as a Welshman, be happy that the person who has a veto over all Welsh laws is described as "incomptent" by his own boss, let alone his enemies?

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