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January 31, 2008


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Did you read Des Browne's speech at the Labour Party Conference? He is in fantasy land. The Germans have sensibly refused today to throw the lives of their soldiers away in an impossible cause. Every possible outcome is dire. deluding ourselves that progress is being made will destroy British lives.


Barnett R. Rubin adds to the unfolding sad Afghan saga:


His comment that struck me was that ANA morale is falling, and mullahs who conduct funeral services for fallen ANA soldiers risk assassination. But "the US is now pressing the Afghan government to use the Afghan National Army to provide security for eradication operations. Sources in the Afghan government who do not wish to be named state that this will make the ANA fight the people and destroy its morale." It's all just a disaster. Are we going to sit there to the bitter end?


Thanks Rhys. I'll try that. It's outside of the area that I can change. I've discovered where the 'spam' comments are located. It's length I believe and I've added a n entertainih parady of the Ancient Mariner.


Your web developer should be able to alter the chevrons - make them bigger, or change them to text

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