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December 12, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Thank you, Normal Mouth. The consequences of the foul-ups happened this year. Half the 86 British deaths in Afghanistan were suffered THIS year. The consequences of our support for Israel invasion of Lebanon is a deepening sense of injustice by Muslims which multiplies the terrorist threat. That is at its most severe THIS year. The rise in heroin production was 60% to a record high THIS year. The price of street heroin is at its lowest THIS year. If anything, this has been Kim's worst year of the past ten.

There are at least three Welsh ministers who have not put a foot wrong in the past twelve months in addition to three or four major backbench successes. This is a bizarre decision. I'm curious. Why are the judges so out of touch with Westminster opinion?

Normal mouth

"Was it his comment in July 2006..?"

"Was it his flippant dismissal [of] 7th February 2006 ..?"

Given that the award was "MP of the Year" I'm guessing it was more likely for things he did in the last...year?

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