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December 27, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Chris and James.
CA have been vocal in their plans to un-seat Labour MPs. Previously they have concentrated in certain areas. Why a Labour MP should support them is inexplicable.

Their influence is slight and only works in very marginal seats. I was delighted to see that busing in anti-Nick Ainger canvassers in West Wales had the opposite effect. He increased his majority. This was a seat that they targeted.

Yes, we must insist that the police do their job and arrest the law breakers. The CA boxing day publicity appears to have mainly been counter-productive because the main message was that drag-hunting is more popular than killing for fun.


Good work Paul - the government must crack down on those who continue to fox hunt illegally.

We cannot have one rule for those who live in the posh countryside and one for the hoi-polloi in urban areas. Crime is crime and all those who break the law, even those with posh clipped accents should be prosecuted.


Thanks Paul

Exactly how does CA chair Kate Hoey square being a Labour MP and chairing an organisation dedicated to the downfall of her own party from power?!
It is deeply insulting to Labour supporters.

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