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October 31, 2007


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"I called for a new six point Democracy Charter for the 21st century in 2003. What do you think?"

Yes! exactly.

It would be good to publicise such a C21 Charter - perhaps as the Democracy Day petition and campaign unfold...

Paul Flynn

I called for a new six point Democracy Charter for the 21st century in 2003. What do you think?

ONE Our eccentric and irrational electoral system means that elections are decided by a small number of footloose votes of the weakly motivated and the least well informed. Voting in the second ballot of Assembly Election is a gamble which often perversely elects the party the voter dislikes the most.
Make all votes of equal value

TWO Cash rules supreme. Lobbyists still infests politics promoting the causes of their rich privileged clients at the expense of the needy and deserving. We knew IDS was finished when the Tory Party funders deserted him.
Use national Funding to liberate parties from dependence on outside interests

THREE A handful of newspaper proprietors use their massive power to proselytised, often irresponsibly without the discipline of balance imposed on broadcasters.
Extend to all media the broadcasters’ statutory duty of balance.

FOUR The election of a monkey in Hartlepool and more votes for Pop Idol than local elections proves that politicians are out of touch.
Franchise for 16 year olds

FIVE Only two countries in the world allow their hereditary chieftains to make laws- Britain and Lesotho. The hereditary principle must be finally buried.
Make power the exclusive gift of the electorate never to be or inherited. or bought

SIX The narrow local focus of politics accelerates the global neglect and looting of our environment. All decisions should be on a world -wide scale.
Broaden political horizons to encompass one humanity, one environment and one world


Thats a bold revelation... good to see that the spirit of independent thinking is still alive in Newport!

Reading other blog entries here on the recent Chartist Anniversary celebrations - and the petition and Early Day Motion for Democracy Day - suggests that a current-day "Charter" might be framed as a reminder of the long-evolving process of democratic reform. Something along the lines of a "Chartist Register".

A Chartist Register could set out a list of principles and measures for reform. Supplemented perhaps by individual testimonies such as the above case of Messers Hughes, Blair, Davies and Howarth. That would be an appropriate way of celebrating the Chartist's programme for reform, worthy of the tradition of Frost's pamphleteering and the Six Points of the People's Charter.

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