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October 28, 2007


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You have missed the point Matt by your selective quote. Yates of the Yard has had a 16 month fishing expedition because 'you never know whether something will turn up.'Nothing did.

A very similar complaint against Tories was made on July 30th 2007 and was all over by Oct 10th, without dawn raids or repeated publicity. 16 months for Labour, 2 months for Tories. Something amiss there, Matt?

Read all the cross examination.

Matt Wales on Sunday

• MEANWHILE, we’re sure you’ll all join Newport West MP in sharing the pain of those poor Labour donors and workers treated so cruelly by police investigating the cash-for-peerages scandal.
Mr Flynn is a member of the House of Commons Public Administration Committee who last week interrogated John Yates, the Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner who carried out the investigation.
Mr Yates admitted it had been “uncomfortable” for the suspects.
“Uncomfortable?,” says Mr Flynn. “They went through hell.
“Several wrote to us of their ‘prolonged deep distress’, and the ‘continuing ordeal’ of being hung out to dry with constant press stories that were unfair and untrue.”
All heart-rending stuff, and we’re sure it’s only the time constraints of his job that has prevented Mr Flynn from voicing his concern over similarly badly-treated suspects in long-running enquiries who weren’t multi-millionaire benefactors of his party.

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