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October 25, 2007


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Paul Flynn

No chance of questioning the PM next week. The House is in recess and I am off abroad with the Select Committee. But I will put down an EDM after the recess based on the great Guardian story today.


Thank you very much for your kind offer of a copy of the book much appreciated.

I downloaded a copy a few weeks ago thanks to the wonders of the internet.
It really is a well thought out intelligent piece of writing.

It is voluntary organisations like this that do so much good in our society stimulating debate they deserve all the support we can give them.

Paul if you are allowed to question Gordon Brown in PMQ's next week maybe you can congratulate Gordon Brown for the success of the Governments policy in reclassifying cannabis to "C" as revealed by the figures released yesterday.
Particuarly how this has benefitted the age group at the most risk albeit small of mental health problems.Without having to imprison any young offender for a non violent crime of possesion.I wonder what his response would be??

Paul Flynn

Thank you John. Bang on.

If you would like a copy of the book 'Tools for the debate.'I will send you one if you let me have your address on 01633 262348.

It really advances the debate that you obviously understand very well already.

Paul Flynn

I smell a rat. A big one. Let me have your real name and more about service record and I may take you seriously. I will deal with letters like this on today's blog.

Tommy Atkins

Dear Paul,

As one of your "valiant British soldiers" (your blog ) I want to thank you.

I have not hunted being never swayed one way of the other but coming from a family of "hunt extremists" as you so interestingly put it I know what is involved. I have also been serving my country for some 10 years and have seen action in Iraq three times, Afghanistan twice not to mention Northern Ireland and Bosnia.

I think I know something about freedom but not as much as you, of course, but then why should I your the type of MP who is a world expert on the freedom of choice.

What I have learned in my time is that being xenophobic never never works. You should be a Yank pal, you'd fit right in.

Just to let you know that the one thing I'm going to do when I get back is for the first time get out and hunt. And all thanks to you and your EDM. Rest assured each time I'll toast you for at last making my mind up for me. Well done and thank you Paul for being the best recruiting Sgt there is for hunting.


The use of cannabis by the highest risk group 16-24 has fallen since cannabis was reclassified

Quote from the Guardian
"British Crime Survey statistics showed that the proportion of 16- to 24-year-olds using cannabis slumped from 28% a decade ago to 21% now, with its declining popularity accelerating after the decision to downgrade the drug to class C was announced in January 2004"

This is entirely due to the public discussion we have been able to have about the dangers of its use for a minority of users.We have not had to imprison the numbers of people we used to.This is a success for the Governments policy of reclassifying to "C".I hope Gordon Brown thinks long and hard before making anymore public pronouncements that it is a done deal it will be reclassified to "B".Imagine if this took place and 3 years down the line use goes up the Prohibtitionist lie will be revealed for the nonsense that there policy is.
The rowntree report of Wednesday said
"Many considered the legal status of cannabis to be an irrelevance, and would continue to smoke regardless of its classification. "

It really is about time that the classification of drugs was take out of politicians hands as it is just a political football.

Dame Ruth Runciman from the independent UK Drugs Policy Commission said "there is no evidence a drug's classification deterred use, and suggested that instead of tinkering the whole classification system should be placed outside the direct control of politicians"

Too right lets have evidenced science based decisons on this issue.Not the moral nonsense spouted by people like David Davies.

This is great news I'm not one to condone drug abuse by any of our citizens but I accept the reality that some will choose to use drugs and I accept that the vast majority do so sensibly and with little risk to themselves..The risk to the mental health of cannabis users above 24 is very small that the reclassification of cannabis to "C" has made its use uncool and the dangers more widely known in the age group at greatest risk is a cause for celebration.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ian. Harold Pinter foolish intervention added a bit of spice to the event.

I was very surprised doing the phone-in on BBC Wales, that two or three callers demanded the statue should be put in Cardiff! There is one there - in the Gorsedd gardens opposite the Museum. It's been there for about 50 years I believe. The other statue is in the Commons.

All three portray his pugnacious energy.


Your comments on Lloyd George are wise indeed. He could never be described as a moral role model but his efforts to develop the welfare state, his battle with the Lords and above all his ability to use the power of words to win many of his battles, richly deserves commemoration.

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