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October 29, 2007


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baby blues

Oh, but I agree with you... I was (in the beginning) very suspicious about SSRI treatment for social anxiety disorder. I would never consider "drugging myself" if I was not absolutely desperate and left with no other choice!
Note!: Depression is not only a feeling of an intense sadness. Social phobia is not the same as shyness.


Tell me more baby blues. Sadness, depression are part of the human condition - inevitable in all our lives. But a disease requiring drugs ? I doubt it. Fortunes have been made selling drugs. All are dangerous - some more dangerous that the malady they claim to cure.

baby blues

Social anxiety disorder is one of "a newly invented diseases"...?!
You make it sound like it is something fabricated, or at least overblown by the big pharma, and maybe even non-existing.
But, it is *very real* for s.a.d sufferers...

Chris Gale

Think Tommy Atkins is having another identity crisis...

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