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September 26, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Indeed and happy to stick by it, Johnny. Neil did not have to go and confront the protesters on the sands - egged on, as they were by Tory spokesmen. urging them to have a go at him. He could have ignored them.

The Cardiff MPs and others have performed wonders in getting the money out of taxpayers. The present deal is fragile. Are all future failed pensions funds to be repaid by taxpayers with free insurance? It cannot happen without the economy collapsing. There are only 125,000 in the present schemes. if a big company failed -like BA- with half a million members, the pay out scheme would be finished. We do not yet have a national insurance scheme that covers both the basis and occupational pensions. £8 billion for 125,000, how musch for 35 million workers. It's all part of the Utopian dream of universal compensation for all life's losses.

Providing full compensation invites other schemes to go broke.

johnny foreigner

Paul says....

"Another protester outside parliament a few weeks ago had a sign saying ‘Gordon Brown stole my pension.’ Both claims are outrageously untrue."

johnny says....

Curiously, the image, alongside this statement, has an outrageous truth that just can't be denied:

Northern Rock bailed out -
Pensioners still waiting

Whilst I note your efforts on the select committee, nevertheless, it still remains an outrageous truth that 65% to 80% of the pensions that were paid for, is not really good enough, and is no more than an attempt to deny these ASW pensioners their rightful dues.

I further note that you describe Kinnock as 'courageous' for confronting the pensioners.

Is this the same 'courage' that enabled and ennobled him after his years of criticism of the House of Lords?

Just how many pensions does Kinnock have?

Your polemic pal.


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