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September 21, 2007


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Paul Flynn

You have me out of my depths on 'slamming quotas' Putting magic mushrooms into the same category of banned drugs as heroin was insane. But it gave instant gratification to the three main parties. Thanks for you comment.

My Blackberry is still behaving immaculately, cooing and purring agreeably.


Sales is no less agressive than politics, pot, kettle, black spring to mind.

I did think you were good on the magic mushrooms a couple of years back mind you, what a fiasco. I lost all confidence in the system watching that very farce unfold from within the public sector.

No-one is persecuting me, but if I don't slam my monthly quota of accounts they soon will be.

Paul Flynn

You seems to be sadly agressive. Why the need to'slam' people? Are you being persecuted by 'slammers.'?

What bad experience have you had? I found Vodafone people very helpful. There is a few quid extra on the rental but the phone was free.


Have you been slammed with photobundles yet? I doubt it, all MP's accounts are held on a seperate VIP database. I doubt VIP's get slammed. Of course if I ran the show VIP's would get slammed with all sorts of useless bundles, 'Video10' for £4.50 would be the one I would like to slam you with most of all

"Unfortunately we can only discount your video messages by 5p each, so instead of 10 costing you £5 they will cost you £4.50 every month from now on."


I'd love to slam an MP with photobundles. It would give me more satisfaction than slamming a phones4u salesmen or traffic cop does.

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