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August 15, 2007


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Paul Flynn

We can all understand the stupidity of historic mistakes looking back across a century or two. Whta is difficult to take in the stupidity of decisons taken in 2001 (Iraq) and Febraury 2005 (Helmand Province.) I pleaded with the Government at the time on both. the main reason why i am standing again in the next election, is that I was the only MP to speak in opposition to the Helmand disaster. Now 16 months later in the battle in which it was hoped not a single shot would be fired, half a million rounds have been discharged and 63 British soldiers have been killed. It was to be over in three years. the latest estimate in 38. I once believe small nations would not get involved. But the baltic States are involved in both Iraq and Afghanisatn

Alan Jones


Is it not a result of aggressive and provocative policies producing reaction and disasterous consequences? I can’t help believing that interference in other peoples’ affairs exacerbates conflict.
Wales as an independent nation would have no quarrel with anybody (cf Ireland, Norway, Sweden) and would therefore not invite terrorist activities or Wahabi Islamic retribution.

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