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August 29, 2007


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Pastor farian

> Dear Mr. Pastafarian,,
> Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your Bible. I have dipped into it with interest and astonishment. The only doubt I have about becoming a fully born again Pastafarian is that other religions are even more idiotic than this and have been taken seriously. There is no religion so stupid that it would not attract adherents. With that proviso in mind I commend the work of Pastafarians in exposing the claims of some of the creationists.
> Best wishes,
> Paul Flynn

Dear Mr. Flynn,

Thank you for your email and your interest in the Gospel of the FSM. It's a shame that while you say you are so close to joining us you won't actually be doing so. You say the only thing preventing you from joining is fear that Pastafarianism may gather real adherents. To my knowledge we have not one real believer and it's near impossible that we would ever get any. Many Pastafarians are science educated (biology, physics, chemistry, etc., the ones who would have an obvious dislike of creationism) and are just a bit too down to earth to ever see it as anything other than ridicule aimed at teaching Intelligent Design or other flavours of creationism as science. The people who laugh the laudest at Pastafarianism are Pastafarians. It can be pretty hard not to.

If you ever change your mind you would be most welcome to join our 'faith'. In fact, you would be our most high profile convert yet, we would be proud to have you among us. Joining up is as easy as deciding that you are now a Pastafarian. No registration form or other such steps required, we are probably the most disorganised organised religion. Adherence to Pastafarianism is also very easy. As you may have read beer has special meaning to Pastafarians and a holy ritual in Pastafarianism consists of having a pint. Some very devout Pastafarians are acting out their faith all evening on Saturdays, often keeping it up into the early hours of Sunday morning. But you can take it in any dose and at any time you choose. Pastafarianism is not a very strict faith. Believe me, it's worth trying. Please let me know if you ever intend to do so and would be willing to come out as the UKs first Pastafarian MP.

Kind regards,
Pastor Farian

ps. As you may also have read in the Gospel, Pastafarianism comes with a 30 day free trail. If you don't like it, your old faith (I don't know if you have any, or if it is even any of my business to inquire if you do) will probably welcome you back with open arms.

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