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August 14, 2007


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johnny foreigner

What goes up, must come down.

The Brown bounce has yet to return to earth. Let's see when it levels out in a couple of months.

Whilst I don't necessarily agree with much of Huw's pamphlet I feel that its publication has certainly generated conversation irrespective of those involved.

You never know, this may be part of the 'Big Conversation' in Wales. It would feel nice to be included.

There are many of us out here who are fed-up with the continual trotting out of the Party Line from the Assembly and Westminster without the slightest input from we, the electorate.

I find Huw's pamphlet to be, at the very least, an attempt to broaden the pool of opinion available, although the 'grey' voters appear to have been left out of his vision, so at least he's holding to that part of Labour's Party Line.

I hope that 'malpas mike' sees your response re: door knocking and the 5000 leaflets. Were you involved, or did you leave it to your underlings? I'm sure that 'mike' would wish to know.

I really fail to see how the 'coalition' is providing "stability and continuity", they're in recess for goodness sake.

Maybe if they remained in recess on a permanent basis this "stability and continuity" could continue.

You refer to the "one step forward, one step back" of the past eight years. Mathematically speaking, that means that at least half steps are being made. That's surely better than nothing.

I can hardly see the 'unholy' alliance of alleged socialists and swivel-eyed nationalists being an improvement on the previously mandated government.

On a personal note I can assure you that the Assembly has done absolutely nothing for ME since its inception, apart from, of course, taking an even larger slice of my Pension as Council Tax.

Of course I do understand that you and your fellow MPs have your own pensions to fund but I really do object when the ONLY effect that the Assembly has had on my life is to take more money from me.

As you may observe I have little use for the Assembly anyway and would wish to see an end to it. I can but dream.

My only input so far has been to mark my Ballot Papers with a 'vote' for "None of these Turkeys". I have no representation.

Your partly pauperised, pensioned yet patrial pal.


Paul Flynn

It's not a difficult concept. We were at rock bottom on may 3rd. the Brown bounce has lifted us from 28% to 41%.
Labour will not improve with an incestuous merry-go-round of Fabians talking to Co-op members talking to Trade union bosses talking to MPs talking to AMs. It's the futilty of the inward looking Labour Party talking to the Labour Party- we overdosed on that in the early eighties. The diagnosis and remedy of the pamphlet are both wrong.
In the past 48 hours Rosemary's and my volunteers have had two street blitzes and delivered 5,000 simple 'contact us' leaflets. We have also knocked on a few hundred doors. This we do every few weeks - including the recess.

The coalition is providing stability and continuity. Not the one step forward - half a step back of the past eight years.

johnny foreigner

Come on Paul, make your mind up.

In one breath you are exhorting us to believe that Welsh Labour is "doing well" and in the next you ask "...why wallow in our rock bottom failure on May 3rd."

You can hardly describe a 'marriage of convenience' with the Welsh nationalist Party as "doing well".

Could it be that the Nationalist Labour faction have excluded Huw for his contrary opinions?

Your non-Procrustean pal.


Paul Flynn

Thanks very much Alan. I have said something similar on today's (August 16th Blog) blog. wales 20:20 cannot have nay credibility while the sponsors remain anonymous. This is the best time for a decade in Welsh politics with solid grounds for hope of future success. why wallow in our rock bottom failure on May 3rd?

Paul Flynn

Thanks very much Alan. I have said something similar on today's (August 16th Blog) blog. wales 20:20 cannot have nay credibility while the sponsors remain anonymous. This is the best time for a decade in Welsh politics with solid grounds for hope of future success. why wallow in our rock bottom failure on May 3rd?

Alan Jones

Your analysis in Huw's Lament is correct, and your perception of his failure to back the right horse is accurate. His actions have only resulted in exacerbating the divisions between Welsh Labour in the Assembly and the Welsh MPs at Westminster. His alignment with the latter has done him no good, as they and he are out of touch with present political realities.
The government in Wales lies with the Assembly and not with a clique of disgruntled MPs. I trust you will continue to support the new dynamic of Rhodri and Ieuan.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Rhys Davies,

Happy to oblige. I thought the rest of the article was a grave disappointment following the first splendid paragraph. I do not like to bore my readers. They are free to read the rest of the article now. Nice of you to drop in to the blog and take an interest. I initially thought you were mark Hinge. I have known him for many years and i am surprised anyone leaps to his defence.

Rhys Davies

Flynn, you quoted as follows:

"I HATE the countryside and everything to do with it, tax-avoiding farmers, blood-lust yokels and inbred simpletons, four-wheel-drive snobs, gun-totting toffs, meat-eating murderers and – finally – I deplore the rural set, who think themselves above anyone else and are wholly out of touch with modern society."

That the opening sentence of an article today by former Countryside Alliance lackey Mark Hinge who now cavorts around Cardiff Bay as a lobbyist.

Got it in one, Mark.


But never let the truth get in the way of a good story - For the benefit of the readers who may like to see the remainder of the article, here it is - from the Western Mail 14th August, 2007


Before I receive a well-deserved brick through my window, let me assure you that these are not my words or thoughts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me explain. In my line of business – amongst many other things – we monitor the press and advise clients on various aspects that may threaten, challenge or assist their company or organisation. The above comments are quite genuine and are a random sample of how Joe Public is presently thinking about farmers and so on.

All of these comments have appeared in the press, as letters, on website blogs and across the UK on radio programmes prompted by foot- and-mouth discussions in this week alone. It is hard to think that these are thoughts being generated by supposedly informed and educated people.

This is a perfectly true anecdote but within two seconds of the BBC announcing foot-and-mouth disease in Surrey, an entire ready-to-go 200-word article appeared as if by magic online stating that if you ate spuds, not meat, we will all be saved. Saints preserve us!

Suspicion, sabotage and subterfuge are words I hear on how this awful virus entered our farming community. I hope not. I hope this is just pure bad luck.

Just somehow, an innocent mistake. If someone out there puts their hands up and says, “It was me guv, sorry.” then everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. But somehow I don’t see that happening.

However, back to reality and I see that many are calling for fair compensation. I agree that those affected must be able to claim back for what they have lost. After all, if any government dictates that you will have your livelihood taken away from you – by law – then you should be compensated.

So what of the words I see in today’s press monitoring. Well to end on a good note, Mrs Lench of Chester writes, “Praise the hard work of our farmers.” Miss Phillips of Cardiff says, “Rural Britain has all my support.”


I've had you down as a lot of things, but I always thought that you were honest enough not to publish comments totally out of context

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