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July 30, 2007


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Paul Flynn

The 'dig' as you call it is drawing attention to the inability of Newsquest papers to report on outrages in their own back yard, while pontificating on everyone else's problems.

The Argus did not mention the redundancies of seven of their staff 18 months ago nor the new pension steal that Newsquest has now introduced. Why should Newsquest's problems be censored from local papers? Did your paper have a similar omerta?

Kevin Ward

Paul, I know I should have expected a few anti-Argus/Newsquest digs from you ... but just to be clear the £10,000 comes from the Gannett Foundation - our US parent company's charitable foundation administered by trustees.
This foundation distributes money to registered charities across the UK and US.
Many Newport and Gwent charities have benefited from this in recent years - including Teen Challenge (£15k), Growing Space (£5k) and the Mon, Brecon and Abergavenny Canals Trust (£8k).
Incidentally, the £10k donation is to the National Floods Appeal administered by the Red Cross and not just for Worcester.
Not looking for compliments - just setting the record straight.

Paul Flynn

Thanks. The last conversation we had was when I was praising the Argus interactive website. Your result on the flood Saturday proves that websites have been accepted as a source of instant local communication.

I saw the video as well. The Argus seems to have dropped theirs. If Newsquest has £10,000 to give away (lucky Worcester) why are they robbing their staff by altering the pension scheme?

Delighted to see that a spirited 40% of your readers did not rise to the bait of your loaded question on flood barriers.

Oscar the missing cat is a bit early for the silly season. The Argus usually waited 'til August for the 'Gwent mystery beast spotted' ones.


Kevin Ward

Thanks Paul. I wouldn't disagree with your views on the need for more permanent flood protection in some areas.
You're quite right about electronic media leading the way with floods information - we were part of that, with our website on the Saturday of the floods attracting 10,500 users compared with our usual Saturday figure of around 2,000.
Why not take a look - www.worcesternews.co.uk

Paul Flynn

Thanks for your comment Kevin and congratulations on your new job. I did start my posting by acknowledging that the floods were serious.

The media has a vital role is passing on comforting information and warnings to those is distress. The instant electronic media lead the way but I am sure that the print media perform vital functions - including the Worcester News with crucial local insights. Having never seen a copy of that paper, I have no interest in tarring it with any brush.

If regular flooding is inevitable there are certain precautions we should take. Why put electric connections at floor level, when they would work just as effectively at higher level? Riverside dwellers must sacrifice some of their pleasant river views if they want permanent flood barriers.

Homes can be made flood resistant at costs of amenity and convenience. Already accepted is the need for permanent flood protection for vital utilities.

But still no plague of boils, but a largely unjustified profiteering hike in food prices is very likely.

Good to see the former deputy editor of the Argus still reading a Newport blog and, no doubt, prospering in Worcester.


Paul Flynn

Kevin Ward

I have to take you to task on your floods piece.
As the editor of a daily newspaper in one of the affected areas (Worcester), I can assure you we have not been 'addicted' to the story.
What we have been doing - both in print and online - is providing a vital local source of news and information to people struggling to cope with the worst flooding in this area for 60 years. The work we and other local media have been doing over the last week or so has been praised by local MPs and councils.
Should the floods be compared with the likes of Katrina? Of course not, that's an utter nonsense.
Are we blaming the authorities for the rainfall? No. But we are asking pertinent questions about the way in which they responded to pretty accurate forecasts and the lessons that can be learned in terms of, for instance, the timely erection of flood barriers.
I accept that some of the national media coverage of the floods has been sensational.
But don't tar us all with the same brush.

Kevin Ward, Editor, Worcester News.

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