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July 29, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Oliver.

I have been away and have just seen your entirely fair comment.

Certainly Gordon Brown has been part of the 'New" Labour agenda and must share blame for the legagcy. that is why I did not vote for him as Leader- but he was the only choice.

He is moving ahead carefully but there are many very promising signs.


Sorry to be slightly critical now, concerning Gordon Brown. But wasn't he part of the same New Labour Party that forced the war through Parliament? Wasn't he part of the Cabinet that decided to curtail civil liberties? Wasn't he just recently party to a woman being escorted from the room in which he was giving a speech - just because she heckled?

I have some respect more for Gordon Brown than I did for Tony Blair, but I think its time people remembered that Gordon Brown is playing a very clever game. To put it cynically, he is spinning an anti-spin agenda. Its a shame people are falling for it.


Thanks David. Fascinating story. My mind has been on Eastern Europe recently as I had a talented intern from Poland working with me for the past two months. It's a very different perspective on Europe.

I think you are right on Gordon. There is good feeling about him in Westminster and in Newport. I spoke to many people over the weekend - all are well disposed towards Gordon. He a difficult tightrope to walk - making a real difference but not fulfilling the Tory prophecies of a sharp left turn. So far: so great.


A really good and interesting report.

On your comments on the war, I was in Eastern Europe a little while back, and in most villages there are memorials to the war put together by the local population. They name all those in the village that died in the second world war. From my family, my uncle died in the red army crossing the river Oder, my dad was conscripted into the German army where he was fortunate enough to be sent to France where he and his unit could walk over to the allied lines and surrender, and my other uncle died in the post war partisan war in 1951 in a shoot out with the red army and kgb.The memorial reads: To all those who died in the great liberation war 1939-1954. it effectively covers everyone and is not a victors memorial. It would be better if our memorials were less triumphalist momentoes to victors and instead memorials to all those who died and suffered .

Regarding the difference between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair: I can't help feeling that Gordon is a conviction politician with beliefs and ideology that govern the way he works whereas with Tony Blair and the new Labour crowd, it was always a bit of a game...like going round the monopoly board and collecting £200 everytime you went past go. The further we move away from the old personalised game of politics and get back to serious policy the better. Already there seems to be a feel that we are beginning to move back on track.

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