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June 23, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Thanks landsker.

An update on Brown's cabinet is on todays blog - June 29th. Cannot think of any candidate who will openly shun Christianity.


Any commercial enterprise, even a whelk stall, must search out optimum personell, products and performance.
At last, and at least, Gordon Brown has chosen a sensible style of governance.

He doesn`t have a daddy with ties to the oil trade, nor a deputy with ties to the arms trade.
As long as he doesn`t start thinking that church attendance and bible study should be mandatory, then he may well last a while.
Maybe one day, Britain will have a leader that eschews religion.


Would be nice to have a government "of all the talents" which included some people from the left instead of Tories and Lib democrats. That appears to be unthinkable.

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