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June 24, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Thanks, Valley Lad. As always a thoughtful contribution. Interesting point about the MOT which is certainly news to me. I was so impressed by the superb efficiency of the technology - not always the case with Governmnet IT systems.


Politics: A Lab-plaid alliance is really what I voted for. A lot I dislike from both, but the key element is they are not tories. PR is a problem since it is hijacked by the poltical parties. Better would be STV (If it is good enough to elect labour deputy leaders why not MPs and AMs). I also liked Gordon's overtures to the Lib-dems. We have a progressive consensus in the UK, the key goal should be to ensure there is never again a Tory government.

Car tax or rather VED online is a double edged sword. Many people rely on their local post office, the inconvenice is worth it if it keeps them open. On the other side the only reason it is possible is "policing by database", obviously it saves money, but at a cost of yet more state intrusion into our lives. If you read the small print on your current MOT it will tell you that the certificate is worthless, the VRO database is the legal record. Creating a sitution where innocent motorists can be penalised because it is more convenient for HMG sticks in my craw.

The FDA have always done their job better. Just look at thalidomide. Unfortunately that requires independent expert consideration. Something that hasn't appealed to HMG in many years.

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