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June 11, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Thanks. What are the St Julian's Councillors doing? There has been such long delays in the replacement of Durham Road School. Children have lost out. I have no influence over the design but the enthusiasm for Rogerstone must have an effect on new schools throughout wales.

Rhodri Morgan opened it and he is very keen on the enviromental fixes. I am doing all I can in parliament to encourage new build on these lines.

What is happening with the Durham Road School? Has there been a plan agreed that is now years out of date because of all the objections nad delays?

Ed Townsend

Here's one opposition councillor who will recognise what a great job has been done at Rogerstone. However, Paul, perhaps we should ask our colleagues at Newport City Council how many of the benefits you extol at Rogerstone will be included in what should be the next Newport school to open - the replacement for Durham Road?

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