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June 01, 2007


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Paul Flynn

An anonymous person has asked why I criticise other MPs as I am what he calls a 'libelist' This is a reference to a case in which I ran out of insurance. This is fifth time that the same person has raised this issue with wildly inaccurate claims. I have replied on the blog of May 20th. In the interests of avoiding boring into a coma those who regular read the blogs blog, I will just repeat the start of what I said.

"Someone with wild ideas on my libel case of two years ago has written to this blog. He has asked for details. He claims the firm was a small one that was damaged by my comments. The alleged libel was printed in Money Marketing, a newspaper with a tiny specialist circulation of 5,000 - none of whose readers would buy services of this kind. The firm is big, rich and powerful enough to employ very expensive lawyers.

I'm proud of the work I have done in exposing the charges made by companies who offer a service to those claiming compensation for endowment mis-selling. These charges amount to between 10% and 50% of the compensation paid. Thus some victims lose half the compensation that that they are entitled to as a result of mis-selling. Which? says the most that should be charged is 15%. I was advised that I had a 90% chance of winning the case but if I lost the costs would be vast. Many profitable companies can stand to risk a loss of a £1 million pounds. I had limited insurance for actions of this kind so I had no choice but to settle the case or risk a very heavy personal loss. the 'costs' of the case were increasing at about £2,000 a week." Rest of article on May 20th Blog

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