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June 29, 2007


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Only joined here now.

Looking forward to greet you all!


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Dear Uncle Paul,

Your Hutton scale is interesting but not scientific. A physicist might define some kind of logarithmic scale, (like the pH or Richter scales) based for example the ratio of truth to bullshit. We perhaps should use a base of two. So, let's name the scale after dear old Neil Kinnock, who would traditionally dispense twice as much truth as bullshit. A ratio of 2-1 would be 2 to the power 1 or 1 Kinnock. People like yourself or Bob Marshall-Andrews who have a T-B ratio of at least 8-1 would register 3+ (8=2 to the power 3) on the Kinnock scale, whereas Peter Hain , who dispenses truth and bullshit in equal measure, would score Zero (1-1 = 1 = 2 to the power 0) on the Kinnock scale. (Lets's face it - for all his skills, Peter is no Kinnock!) Alan Johnson would have a score of -3, meaning that the truth to bullshit ratio would be 1-8, whereas Tony's score would tend to minus infinity.

Of course, we could set up the scale slightly differently - if we used a scale like the bel-decibel scale for sound which has a base of ten, then one Cook would be 2 Kinnocks, or 20 deciKinnocks - but this might be more difficult to understand.

I hope this gives you pause to think and to smile,

Keep up the good work - if I had an MP like you I might still be in the Labour Party.

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