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May 27, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Fair comment.

On Iraq, Rhodri has since stated that like his closest pals he would have opposed the war. His wife Julie did and his researcher Kevin Brennan did.

He had a problem of being accused of tresspassing into Westmister issues - sensitive areas for politicians.

But I agree on your general point. There is a civil war in war about to break out between the north and south in Plaid if they go into partnership with the Tories.


"real groundswell of anti-Plaid feelings" - total understatement.

I know a lot of natural Labour voters, people who know their history. All are currently PC supporters - I'm sure they won't be next time.

PCs gains in south wales are due entirely to their perception as more socialist than the far right Labour buffoons in Westminster - Rhodri's real problem. If he'd put sufficient distance between himself and Westminster he'd have probably won. The only time he really annoyed me was when he claimed to have "no opinion" on the illegal war in Iraq!

Paul Flynn

Thanks Baneswell Boy,

There is a real groundswell of anti-Plaid feelings. They picked up support from disgruntled Labour. But getting the Tories into government will finish them in South wales.

The lure of office is very tempting. It's probably Ieuan's only chance.

Baneswell boy

The people of Wales will never forgive Plaid if the Torys are handed the keys to a Ministerial office as the result of the rainbow coalition. Plaid - you have been warned.

RM's biggest problem is to find a replacement for the universally respected Sue Essex - to manage budget discussions, both within the WAG, and with the other party leaders. It's a good problem to have though.

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