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May 24, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Agree with a lot of that.

The reason why PR was put into the Wales Act was to avoid one party rule for ever that might create a Glamorgan County Council on stilts.

The system has many faults. But you are right Plaid will not be forgiven for agreeing to put the Tories into Government. A colalition without the party who won the greatest numbers of seats and votes would by a travesty of democracy.


I liked the proposals (as read in Betsan's blog) but question whether they were achievable without tax raising powers (something the Assembly should have) BUT:
I voted for the Assembly to ensure the the tories would never in my, my childrens, or my grandchildrens lifetime have any hope of governing wales.

Ok "new" labour are just "tory lite" but Plaid were willing to put the tories into government, that puts them beyond the pale until Wyn Jones goes.

This is however an argument for losing party lists and having STV constituency elections, at least then I could start with the troublemakers, finish with the lib-dems, and just leave the tories off.

Peter Black

I will now Paul

Paul Flynn

The item in question was taken from Vaughan Roderick's BBC website posted at 10.27 yesterday and it read
that a prominaent senior member of the LibDems had said on Radio Cymru
"mae hyn yn golygu y byddai'n yn gallu mynd i barti Mam Ddydd Sadwrn" - This means I can go to my mother's party on Saturday.

Have you taken this up with Vaughan?

Paul Flynn

Six minutes after your comment was received the item was amended. I was relying on a news report on BBC Cymru which did not supply the details of the circumsatnces.

Thanks for letting me know and giving me the chance of amending this item. It was on the blog only from midnight to 7.58am. Not many people except LibDem AMs would have seen it.

Peter Black

The Lib Dem in question is female. Her mother is 90. She attended the Executive on Thursday night and voted in favour of the Conference despite the fact that only hours earlier her mother was admitted to hospital and was very ill. Irrespective of all that she will be at the conference on Saturday. Show some humanity Paul, when Eleanor said that she was very distressed because of her mother's illness.

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