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May 12, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Many, many thanks.

That is really interesting. Having learned a new 'fact', now I have to unlearn it. It is truly great to have history recalled in this fine detail.
I do not know the author of the information, bt i will seek him out and pass on the accurate details.

Very Best wishes,

Paul Flynn

Duncan Brown

I don't know where the authors got their information on "The Jive" (a type of 1950's dance allied to the jitterbug), as opposed to "Jive" ( which is a form of black American, New York patois).

As well as I can remember, for, I too, jived, in those days, it was not banned by the local authority, but by the management of some dance venues. St Julians, in fact, roped off a section of the dance floor for jiving only. Malpas Court, St John Boscoe Hall, The Drill Hall, St Mary's, St Michael's (the Hop) & various other church halls & scout huts, to the best of my knowledge, never banned jiving. I'm not sure about Lysaghts Institute or the Palm Court, but I suspect that Jiving was not allowed there.

Duncan Brown

Paul Flynn

Reasonable point Fido. But, I've always taken the view that MPs are paid a fulltime wage for a fulltime job. In the period when this happenned David Davies was employed as an AM and an MP. Doing just one of those jobs is to most of us more than a fulltime job. If you read my blog over the last weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday, I was 'employed' virtually dawn to dusk. Can justice be done to three jobs?


At least he had a go and in todays world that is becoming rare indeed, as most people tend to sit back and walk on by.

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