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April 24, 2007


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Paul Flynn

The evidence is that the sailors were in international waters. This point is relatively minor compared with the danger of new war that could result in the warmongering language from both camps. THIS is the point of the blog

Paul Flynn

Thanks Jo.

You are right in thanks to staff. Changing the website has been a nightmare with technical problems and complexities. The staff are still sane after lots of frustrations.

The site is simpler and the videos are easier to view. So concerned were we with the systems the messages have taken second place. Better blogs from now on.


Just wanted to say this is an excellent looking blog and content is reasonable too. Its difficult to be more candid but if you could be, that would boost readership still further. Good work though. Well done Paul! (and staff no doubt!)


One question do you condemn the illegal act of piracy in which the Iranians took our service people?

Just a simple yes or no will surfice.

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