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March 19, 2007


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Paul Flynn

Mike Buckingham has retired from the Argus, I know nothing about his relatives.Many interesting and promising changes are taking place in the Argus.

Marianne Hancock

Nobody answered my query about whether Mike Buckingham was related to Joan Buckingham. It would be revealing if he was. She was also an extreme right wing eccentric known to those who disagreed with her as 'barking mad Joan.' But while she had dodgy and worrying views about women, gays and individuals she disliked, I didn't notice that she was actually racist.

Mike Buckingham openy admires Nazi Germany.Why dose the 'Argus' employ him? It seems unlikely that any in multi-racial South East Wales will agree with him, and even if they did, it's not something that should be encouraged.

marianne hancock

is mike buckingham of the argus any relation to the late joan buckingham who was the chairman of credo cymru?

Paul Flynn

Is this meant as a joke?... Not very good Fido. This blog is intended to have high standards. If your jokes do not rise above the feeble, you will not appear here.

try harder next time.


One could ask if barking refers to your EDM the other month refering to the alleged tsunami and the need for coastal defenses?

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