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December 02, 2017


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I would imagine the present state of affairs will buckle under the various pressures at some point. There is not a great deal of loyalty in the parliamentary parties themselves and to them from the outside. There is though perhaps an understanding amongst the big two that the status quo largely suits them. Power less concentrated in ministerial hands would be a good start. It asks too much of the individuals concerned by and large, given the manifold responsibilities required.

We still largely depend on the same system that ran the kingdom and its empire going quite far back to universal suffrage and the beginnings of the Labour Party movement. Then of course being aligned and intertwined with the EEC/EU. Now that this arrangement is set to finish we need long term vision and an equal amount of competence. I feel the incumbent government is ill-equipped in this regard. Five years of siege mentality is scarcely adequate, yet perhaps points to some of the faults we have in the current system i.e. a hung parliament taking us through it.

I doubt the UK is going to find itself isolated. Its a major economy, albeit dwarfed by some. The interests of capital on both sides of the border will see that the profits continue to flow. I've no doubt that there are interests looking to take advantage of our situation and exploit these circumstances, from within as well as without. However, I'm sure the interested parties know all about it. So yes, a very difficult (though not impossible) conundrum to be fair. The fort needs to be held in terms of running the country, managing it in the interests of the many, not in stubbornness and nationalistic brinkmanship.

Maybe I've got my head in the sand, but that's my take on it. We rely on other nations; militarily, economically. Perhaps we do have responsibilities, not to just pull out of a long term relationship whilst potentially destabilising others and just try to grab everything we can for ourselves. Look at the tabloids.

In short, less of the "if Britain goes down you are coming with us" gamble. After all we can see that we will lose out and its not fair on everyone else.

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