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April 11, 2017


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Its obscene isn't it? Lies are lies. I hadn't given these developments much consideration so thank you. It does though lead back to the HoC, the system and us. If these practices cannot be roundly condemned then we are going to sink further. There should be no recourse, no testimony. It is poisonous corruption.

Is it the political and economic system which is the problem? Do we not confuse and hurt ourselves by continuing to participate (for want of a better word) in this system? Should we not to some extent be angry at ourselves? We stand to lose everything. in other words the world.

They will not listen. Evil hearted people are just that. Thing is, it has always been like that. I suppose there is a point to make that technological advancements COULD and likely will entrench that in the longer term. So now (I'm not pressing some alarm button, I'm just looking around), now is the time for principle and for holding on to progress that has been made and thinking that has advanced us. Laziness, cowardice etc. is not acceptable any more from media and political quarters. Thats just the way it is, it seems to me.

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