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April 10, 2017


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The man stood in the murderers path. He died for it. Its tragic for his wife and kid, but I'm impressed by the mans devotion. He is, I don't think its hyperbolic to say, an example to us all, particularly in these times.

He was rightly honoured, and should not be forgotten.

We cannot however trust in a system that oppresses and perverts justice. That gathers their wealth through fraud. Therefore we do not trust in the people Palmer was defending. I am willing to say that the people who PC Palmer bravely defended are the ones that caused his death.

And indeed that the system will surely collapse. Their system. I'd put it another way, they put PC Palmer in as a bulwark against their own failures. Who is ruining our nation? Here is a question. I'll have a crack. Perhaps if you show no pity and kill hundreds of thousands then the course will lead to... what?

People have been attacked and impoverished. I'm savvy enough to realise I am disagreeing with many but can I do?

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