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January 05, 2017


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Paul Flynn

Thanks for your comments. The Argus six repeats of the same story is only explicable through knowing that this repetition embarrasses journalists and is done on orders from their masters in the USA.

There is little problem with the regional papers. I have experienced the impossibility of suing the rich and powerful even when they have lied. I have written about a situation in which I was told " You will almost certainly win this case because you have not done anything wrong, but if you lose, and there are no guarantees, it will cost you between between £500,000 and £750,000". The nationals can afford to employ the most expensive lawyers who do not lose cases.


"Gannett...view editorial as an expensive necessity to ensure there is something between the all-important adverts’."

LOL:) If anything, the invasive, pop-up adverts are the main thing that curtails freedom of speech in the Argus online threads when one is trying to make a comment.


The Argus doesn't mention the other side of the story. Not being wealthy enough to pay court costs if a plaintiff happens to lose in a claim against the press is likely to deter working class people from taking newspapers to court if they hound and falsely accuse them. If they genuinely want to do something for freedom of speech, liberty and equality, perhaps the good journalists would do better instead to buck up the courage to publicly condemn the vile tabloid hacks whom on the instruction of a handful of wealthy press barons like Murdoch have brought their profession into the gutter? Instead, the exponents of the petition are keen to market the myth of the noble, 'crusading' journalist yet sadly the reality of journalism in 21st century Britain is the recent hounding and character assassination of a much-loved primary school teacher called Lucy Meadows just because she happened to be transgender which led to her eventual suicide. Reality is, that the British press is dominated by the right-wing beliefs and vested interests of a handful of wealthy press barons all of the same gender, sexuality and class - which makes for a very narrow, distorted view of the world. How about free speech for everyone and not just the privileged few? Just sayin';)


At the end of the day "truth" is important. Tabloids will present fictitious views as if it were so. National institutions of lies and vanity. Its not like they fart out this rubbish with anything other than cynism. There is no appeal. The devil is in the commentators, essayists etc. By devil, I mean bad hearted ill-intentioned people.

The history we are told isn't the history of the majority. Of working in terrible conditions for subsistence, of working class areas seen as foreign zones. This is hidden, its still there. The suffering and poverty was very great, then two world wars came about. If I can make a point it is this: nationalism is tantamount to superstition. Its offensive and exists in the dark gaps between reason. Governments however literally play on the fear of death. Whilst the majority are subject to what feels like a lot of the time like bondage. Well we've moved on considerably from what the great writers in earlier times have talked about, but we should not go back there. Opposing interests want this, and tabloids sell it.

A state that is less concerned with nation, has better rules. Doesn't bow down to the old ways which haven't served the majority. A new living breathing accomplishment of clear sighted vision. I don't care for tradition, rites, and ceremonies. They AREN'T precious. Why should we be afraid of improvement? Certainly not the majority.

There are interests opposed to our own, its a fact. Funnily enough they probably wouldn't lose out. But they are who they are, welcome to join the side of justice and equality. They won't, but I'll say it anyway. I wouldn't go as far to say its sad but yes the sooner they inevitably end up in the dustbin the better, and quickly forgotten.


They as much as their masters steal the shirt off our backs.
People are being made homeless when they have debt.

Convictions are not just from magistrates. There are rules. You mightn't be prosecuted by the state for breaking them but they still apply. Throwing people out onto the street and taking their possessions for a business qualifies.

When will people become class conscious instead of grabbing what they can. Equality, justice or a groundless grasping attitude which will surely sink us if it carries on.

Its plain what is necessary. I'll leave others to expand on that. Persisting in obstinacy despite proof mounting all around you is criminal. Put your beliefs into immediate focus or carry on being stamped on.

We outnumber them. Its not their economy, its not their land, its not their country. TABLOIDS will fool millions into disbelieving this.

Its OUR land. I'm not mincing words here I hope. Its OURS and they are stealing it from you. Your ancestors worked it, died in it yet others inherit it and control it. That sounds a little bit like bollocks. I'll attempt an explanation. A human being has a right to defend their interests and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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