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September 24, 2015


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Irina Ratcliffe

Obviously, Mr. Cameron does not want to let the foxes into his own chicken house, sorry, his own constituency. Let they go to somebody else's. A good example of Mr.Cameron's hypocrisy and double standards. Do we want to be indefinitely deceived by this morally corrupt government?


Apparently the EU decided not to give funds to Italian search and rescue parties in the Med because this would 'encourage more people' to try and cross the Med.

Operation Mare Nostrum, was not continued because it would supposedly encourage refugees from Africa into Europe if they knew they could be saved from drowning. This led to loss of life through drowning. Which is as genuine a disgrace as I have ever come across but perfectly encapsulates the Tory right wing selfishness first attitude. The logical outcome is ridiculous in its cruelty. Perhaps your party should look into this?

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