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January 22, 2015


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Paul Flynn: "The range of investigations being carried out by this committee is vast, involving tens of thousands of incidents."

Am I reading this correctly? There are tens of thousands of incidents of paedophile abuse by MPs under investigation? Or there are tens of thousands of incidents where it has been used as blackmail?

Thats incredible.

Thats like needing exorcism to bring out the devil. Seriously that is a corrupt institution. In other words there is nothing that can be done to remediate this criminal enterprise. That should be a bomb. Herod from the New Testament has been outdone.

And thats ONE ASPECT of their crimes!

Forgive my ignorance I never realised the scale. I'm sure someone will be along to set the record straight as I can't quite believe that, and it can't be right.

Plain speaking is needed.

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