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December 16, 2013


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Thanks for being on the ball as ever. Why do you think the government is so keen on this solution? Is it a class thing perhaps?

I know you've been focused on this for a while. Is there a hidden agenda that would make them want to pay double what French industry and householders pay? Or is it the curious brainlessness which takes over when there is a lack of action and common sense leadership on vital issues?

To put it more simply the choice of nuclear keeps the working class far away from another state function, thereby weakening their position. The fact that they are willing to do this vandalism to all but a small privileged class is nothing short of criminal. This has been my honest feeling for a while.

It sickens me because they continually espouse austerity for the sake of future generations yet they are prepared to quietly rip off those future generations.

Then there is the fact that nuclear is dangerous as we seen in Fukushima. Also the waste has to be stored forever. Earthquakes can happen in Europe I believe. Tsunamis might just as well flood England.

This really is about the generation to come and I think it is bordering on, no lets be truthful, it actually is criminality.

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