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August 02, 2013


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For the haves: multi-billions in avoided tax, fracking contracts. PFI contracts. Farm subsidies, Money to the aristocratic land owners.

For the have not: bedroom tax, workfare, ATOS corrupt medicals for the disabled.

Which party cares and is capable of fighting against the elite?

Ian Duncan Smith author of workfare his wife got over a million in farm subsidies:


They are already dead men. For all their authority they will lay in the dirt like farm animals. Aren't we BETTER than them?

This is a government of the rich for the rich. They are too stupid to realise that the greedier they get, the shorter their long term prospects become. I believe people will simply not put up with them.

I believe they will get what they deserve. It will be soon and forever. And if that is too strong a term or not political I care not.

They have been elected to public honours but none of them will be celebrated when they are finished.

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