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May 28, 2013


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Good stuff. My question: is an Iraqi or Afghan life less important or valuable than that of a British soldier?

Because we don't like a foreign government: the taliban, Gadaffi, Saddam, Assad etc we use any opportunity to get involved. Its only for the self-interest of the ruling class. If so why do we put up with it?

I don't support our current ruling class using any excuse to interfere. The intent is to ruin these countries and dictate to whichever thugs they decide are suitable.

The pointless deaths of British soldiers in service of this ruling class does not concern me half as much as the death of men women and children abroad who want nothing but peace. These innocent people are killed directly by a government with the mentality that WAR is an acceptable means to promote THEIR interests.

I realise you can only do and say things within paramiters, Paul. But i feel we need to set some sort of example. One that doesn't accept slaughter as a political expediency which is simply to shameful to mention.

If we don't start thinking that it is unnaceptable to destroy foreign cities, even whole countries, then how can we complain when it happens to us sometime in the future? Who are you going to cry to?

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