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March 15, 2013


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Paul Flynn

The war drums are pounding, Ad.

Very similar rhetoric to that which preceded the Iraq War. What an ugly hopeless mess we could be dragged into. Civil war, Sunni v Shia, International backers for both side, threatened minorities.

Have we learned nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan?


"I hope they never witness British casulaties returning from Syria or Iran."

I know you asked a question about extremist factions in Syria. The argument made today is that (if the arms embargo is lifted) assistance can be provided to more moderate groups and the influence of the extremists diminished.

How desirable is it to see one regime replaced by another? In Iraq the secular government of Saddam has gone. Now the Shias rule and treat the Sunnis like dirt. Aren't we expecting too much that this won't be repeated in Syria?

Really if the government is going to try and decide the fate of this civil war then they should have answers? WHY exactly is the government supporting one side above another in this civil war?

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