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January 16, 2013


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Nike Pool

i think you have a great site here... today was my first time coming here.. i just happened to find it doing a google search. anyway, great post.



Safwan Bakais

There will be lots of peace if the world understand what you are saying. I guess you will be accused of lots of things including promoting terrorism.

You are indeed one of the bravest men on plant earth today. Saying the truth can be difficult in today's world.

I sincerely admire your political views. It is sad to lose an innocent life from any side. Wars will only kill more innocent lives which enters people into a cycle of revenge killing.

Paul Flynn

Thanks. Strongly agree with that.

Paul Flynn

01633 262348/02072193478/ 07887925699

Twitter: @paulflynnmp


Peter Clark

They are an odd bunch. This so-called coalition government propound policies of non-interference when it comes to domestic economic policy but are only too happy to interfere in countries with whose values we have little in common.

Because of these foreign actions many innocent civilians have been killed and maimed. As a consequence, far from making UK citizens safer these ill-considered sorties incur the wrath of religious fanatics who use them as an excuse for terrorist plotting.


British politicians see the whole world as their domain. If a state is weak and backwards and there are strategic and business interests involved then they will stick their oar in.

Britain has been doing this for a long time. If a country is poor then British governments feel it is their right to interfere if it suits their interests. Unfortunately this usually involves violence which is condoned by feeble minded politicians.

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