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January 20, 2013


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Paul Flynn

Mr Mervyn James, You have either not read or not understood the replies I sent you. I suggest you try to read them again. It's not possible to engage with you on a sensible level. Try contacting your own MP.

Mervyn James

It is this type of non cooperation that puts voters off. Not my problem...

Paul Flynn

Mr Mervyn James, I saw your letter in the Argus which included your address which you refused to give to me (see above). You are not a constituent of mine. I have replied immediately, courteously and helpfully to your questions. The service offered by my offices and my staff is second to none in Wales. You persist in the nonsense that my priorities are not the correct ones. If you care to look through the thousands of blogs, questions and speeches I have made you will be better informed. If you sincerely want to advance the causes you support, you should be guided to address your complaint to the right person or body.

Mervyn James

No nom de plume, my name is at the top of the comment. I'm not posting my address on here. I doubt somehow the issues I put in a previous comment are singular, it isn't a personal gripe. I don't want such issues approached that way, it affects 1,000s in Gwent and wales. I have no interest whatever in what the Queen says or does, and a lot of other Gwent don't care either they have more important things to address.

Paul Flynn

The royal issue is before Parliament on royal succession for the first time since 1701. I have played a large part in the bills passage. On many other issues I play a leading role including pensions, Afghanistan, social security, civil service future, energy future and dozens of the subject. I believe I speak n the chamber and on committees more than any other Welsh MP. I have held public meetings in New port on a dozen recent occasions on matter for which I have responsibility. If you have an individual case to raise please let me. You use a nom de plume. Could you let me have your name and address so I can check.

Paul Flynn

01633 262348/02072193478/ 07887925699

Twitter: @paulflynnmp


Mervyn James

This is a diversion away from what is happening in Wales. WHY would she oppose powers to Wales, if her 'Ministers' approve of it ? She will be just be overruled. If you believe she can endorse more powers to Wales without regard to Westminster you don't understand politics either, sorry. You didn't answer the question of what you are dong about the points I made either. so many EDM's so little time ?


If you read the recently released pamphlet, you'll see that it really DOES matter what the Queen says, and the assumption that she just plays a ceremonial role is not accurate.

She could veto a bill transferring further powers to Wales, for example, and you'd never hear about it.

Mervyn James

I doubt if you are even aware of two surveys/reports on the NHS discrimination of deaf people in Wales, such an impact the BBC is taking it up. The information station isn't even accessible to your own area deaf despite assurances,it never happened. Forget London, plenty to do here.

Mervyn James

Should we not concentrate on WALES ? most of us don't care who is next in line for an English Crown, we have more pressing issues here. Doesn't matter what the queen says, parliament rules, she is just for tourists. This constant emphasis in London and royalty is alienating welsh people. Our NHS is in meltdown, Newport is dead or at least dying from criminal city council neglect, Wales has no jobs to offer anyone, and special needs support is being taken away from disabled children. In april 1,000s of social housing tenants, will be plunged into poverty, some will be taxed for not taking total strangers into their home, and food is being distributed daily to welsh people who cannot afford to eat. Do you not think you are trivialising on this blog and missing what you were elected for ?

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