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January 15, 2013


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"We do not intend to bring our troops out early. We think that that would be a great disadvantage to peace in Afghanistan."

Except there has never been a sincere desire for peace in Afghanistan from the political and military leadership, only for political self interest and the profit of private interests.

As you have said recently Paul, Britain is following America and America is following the interests of the arms industry. Therefore we can count all those who support the war in government as self-important nobodies. Yet they are responsible for blowing to pieces both civilians and soldiers. They are literally responsible for murder. Yet they act like they have nobody to answer to and can do as they please without scrutiny.

So I would describe our political leadership as fools who behave like animals. At least you Paul, have stood up to them and it is always a pleasure to read about your efforts to bring sense to this issue.

All their pious posturing means nothing. They have not delivered anything worthwhile and long lasting to Afghanistan because there simply has not been any urgency or effort made towards this end. They shed innocent blood and because they are all in it together they think they can hide behind a fiction.

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