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December 17, 2012


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My own understanding is that LGBT sexual orientation is no bar into getting into heaven. To think so would be to ignore the fact that heaven is a place where differences we have now will not be important.

An important aspect of christianity is that it welcomes everybody (or should do). Perhaps some of the recent contributors who appear to be Bible experts will have something to say on these issues.


"Just the tiny, insignificant difference that even the Xtian fundies don't advocate hanging or beheading LGBT's.."

At the moment, in western countries (as opposed to say Uganda), after many decades of enlightened people some who were christian and many who were not explaining morality to them in no uncertain terms and when that failed, reining them in tight and making it clear to them that expressing such views would make them incredibly unwelcome anywhere that laid claim to even the tiniest hint of civilisation.

Jim Fox

Quelle difference, mon ami?

Just the tiny, insignificant difference that even the Xtian fundies don't advocate hanging or beheading LGBT's...


Revealingly enough, the Christian fundamentalist right and al Qaeda share much the same opinion on LGBT people. Quelle difference?

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