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November 11, 2012


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Off topic sorry Mr Flynn, but I thought this would interest you



"He heard a German-speaking group approaching, took his rosary beads and said his Hail Marys with his eyes shut. He waited for the bullet. It never came. The officer leading the Germans was a Catholic."

Interesting story, so glad your father survived, Paul...

Phew, that was a lucky one, though:)!!! I think if it had been me I would have pretended to be whatever religion I thought the officer was going to be if I thought it would have saved my life - would have been kinda difficult to convince him had this instead been 1941 and if I had been wearing a red army uniform...eek(!)

To that end though, do you think the German officer would have saved your father's life if he hadn't been a Catholic? If he wouldn't then I'd say that would be a good example of the corrupting influence of religion, though.


Diolch am hwn - difyr iawn.

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