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November 13, 2012


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"How will the public react to the news that 438 UK deaths have achieved no improvement in corruption no reduction in narcotics trade and the Taliban returned to power?"

With the same detached, indifference that enabled Blair to be re-elected following his involvement in the ILLEGAL Iraq invasion.


There is a growing realisation that the militaristic mindset is not going to bring a happy outcome.

We should not expect British soldiers as well as other NATO partners and Afghan volunteers to go about there business when they are being killed with increasing regularity by 'rogue' Afghan soldiers and police

I think the Afghan people are seen as an easy target. A feeble state to play war upon. The reality is that that the American military industrial complex must have some reason to keep going.

The overwhelming might of American and NATO forces does not look like bringing a respectable outcome. I think the Afghan resistance deserves credit for this.

The government should be less ambitious and try to solidify the small gains which have been made. Defeat is inevitable.

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