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September 18, 2012


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Paul Flynn

Touched, moved and inspired by supportive comments on the Afghan slaughter. Thanks too for the offers of employment during my five days ban. Offers of doing a bit of tiling or bricklaying are appreciated..

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. Ken Clarke is far from saintly but he was great on restorative justice. He also also had the guts to push human practical policies that infuriated the Daily Mail. His replacement will continued the abject failure of 42 years when recidivism has not been reduced by one jot.

Happy Ros

As the mother of a serving Soldier in the British, I am so pleased to hear your words to day in The Commons, we need voices like your own in the Commons

Thank you for raising this


Good work on calling Hammond out and sticking to your guns Paul. It is not a popular position in parliament to criticise the Afghan war but the majority of the public are behind you. I wouldn't let condemnation from the House bother you, particularly as Hammond deliberately twisted your words and claimed you acted 'scandalously'. You probably made a few enemies but your cause is the right one and for the right reasons.

I think you will win in the end. I wouldn't worry what these liars say about your conduct. They are violent in their actions but hide behind the presumed respectability of their position. I hope you will continue to attack them Paul, their pompoous conceit will count for nothing.


Ken Clarke - 'Deputy Chairman and a director of British American Tobacco (BAT) (1998–2007), for which Clarke faced allegations relating to activities of BAT in lobbying the developing world to reject stronger health warnings on cigarette packets and evidence that that corporation had been involved in smuggling and targeting children with advertisements.'

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