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September 19, 2012


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Paul Flynn

Should have remembered that. There are time when a lie is so mountainous that it must be attacked. Lives are being thrown away because of non-existent UK terrorist threat from the Taliban.

Paul Flynn


Chris Jones

Well done Mr Flynn. But didn't anyone tell you that telling the truth in the House of shambles is not allowed?

Chris Jones

Thank god there is at least one mp in the House of Shambles with integrity. Maybe,just maybe the mass of cowardly mp's in there with Paul will find a sliver of a moral compass as well. One look at Hammonds face tells you all you need to know about him. Pinochio springs to mind,as does a weasel.

ingo Wagenknecht

Well done Paul Flynn, calling fellow MP's liars was necessary and appropriate. The House rules need reforming so that our representatives are allowed to speak freely, quote facts and falsehoods ministers have committed and spoken, dare I mention the 45 minute threat here. It is questionable when a democratic body refuses to engage with legitimate argument when they don't like the choice of words used. Thank you.

John Goss

It is good to know there are still members of the House (at least one) who are prepared to stand up and be counted. Thank you on behalf of all decent-minded people for being that one yesterday.

E Maher

Diolch Paul am wynebu'r celwyddgwn. Hawdd yw eistedd mewn adeilad crand yn penderfynu. Peth arall yw byw realiti'r penderfyniadau.


Proud to be a Newportonian today :)


Absolutely, lying should be a crime that people should be held accountable for, especially in Parliament. Thank you for doing what you did, I didn't have the opportunity but you took it for me.

John Cox

Well done Paul

Huw Jones

Well done Paul Flynn!! At last a politician that speaks the truth. Keep up the good work!!


well done,would that there were more like you with the guts and principals to stand up to this despicable unrepresentative bunch of self serving apologies for leaders.


Thank you Paul Flynn for speaking the truth. if only all politicians were like you. Maybe we would get a higher turn out come election day

margaret williams

Well Done Paul Flyn for saying what most of us are thinking. We have no say in these matters and it is wrong, talk about lambs to the slaughter. The Russians couldnt win in Afganistan and nobody ever will. The problem will never be solved so get our troops home.
We still have freedom of speech in this country don't we?


Thank you for your efforts Mr. Flynn. It's easier to howl with the mob than have the backbone and speak the truth. You're an upright man, Mr. Flynn, congrets.

Brian Williams

Da iawn Paul Flynn. Prin yw'r gwleidyddion gydag eqwyddorion fel hyn. Daler ati Paul.


Mr Flynn, the age old disregard for soldiers lives by those in power needs to stop. Thank you for your efforts.

Eric White

Absolutely right. Or is the UK just controlled from the White House?

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