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September 28, 2012


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Considering one of the ten commandents is 'do not lie' the dope certainly did his best to ignore this one by keeping schtum about the child abuse scandal in the catholic church(!) Instead, he felt it fit to turn the spotlight on feminists, transsexuals and gay people and make his irrational pronouncement that we're the ones to blame for infecting society and destroying the world. It's a pity that the pope isn't an arsehole as then he'd be useful.


The pope is irrelevent.

Paul Flynn

You obviously were a very provocative boy in English lessons. As a model of good conduct I remember Gussie as wise, sardonic, humane, clever and witty. Never fully understood why he put up with the restrictions of religious life.


Yes,a very good teacher and brilliant shot with a piece of chalk and occasionally even the duster.
Keep up the pressure on the buggers we need more like you.

Paul Flynn

The best English teacher I ever had was Brother Agustine. I am sure he would punish careless spelling. It was spelt correctly in the title. Now, put right of course.

How are you doing?



Brother Gussie will be turning in his grave.

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